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Registered Fund Services

FinTech's experienced registered fund counsel team has the knowledge and tools to help you build, develop, launch, and govern your registered fund.

Registered funds have become some of the most popular and common investment engines in the United States. Like private funds, mutual funds are overseen by the SEC and need diligent and experienced guidance. That's where FinTech comes in. At FinTech Law, our team works to understand and align with your goals and expectations as we assist you with the management and counsel of your registered funds. We are here to provide relevant legal advice on strategies for creating the future of the funds and ensuring their successful longevity. Call us today and let FinTech's registered fund services support you and your team as you grow.

Registered Fund Legal Services Can Include:

  • Develop + launch U.S.-registered investment companies, including mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange-traded funds

  • Provide resourceful and ongoing corporate governance to fund boards

  • Serve as in-house Fund Counsel and Secretary

  • SEC and Fund compliance advisory

  • Fund mergers and acquisitions assistance

  • Proxy matters

  • Fund conversions

Let's Talk Registered Funds
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With extensive experience in a variety of mutual fund types, FinTech Law is available to help clients build and launch both U.S. and foreign hedge, cryptocurrency, private equity, venture capital, and real estate funds. Not based in the United States? That's okay, we can still help. FinTech Law has partners in various foreign jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands.

registered funds with Fintech Law

Registered fund management and development doesn't have to be difficult. FinTech Law will help you and your team understand everything you need to know about registered fund legality. Give our team a call today.

Let's Talk Registered Funds