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Private Fund Legal Services

When building and managing a private fund, you need an experienced and trusted legal team by your side.

Starting a private fund is never easy. But, having a private fund legal services team like FinTech Law behind you makes building your private fund a breeze. Managing Director Bo Howell and his team have seen all angles of the private fund field and know what you and your organization need to make your fund a success. FinTech Law delivers focused insights and recommendations for your private funds based on top-tier regulatory, industry, and private practice experience. Hold your confidence with us as we help you navigate state, SEC, and CFTC regulatory compliance.

FinTech Law’s Private Fund Legal Services Can Include:

  • Regulatory Risk Management

  • State, SEC, and CFTC Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance with Investment Company Act and Investment Advisers Act of 1940

  • Investor Relations

  • Fund Conversions

Let's Talk Private Funds

With extensive experience in a variety of private fund types, the FinTech Law team is available to help clients build and launch both U.S. and foreign hedge, cryptocurrency, private equity, venture capital, and real estate funds. FinTech can help even if you aren't based in the United States. FinTech Law has partners in various foreign jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands. Our private funds law services can help you cover all the necessary bases when it comes to securities and regulatory compliance.


Private fund management and development doesn't have to be difficult. FinTech Law will help you navigate the murky waters of private fund legality. Give our team a call today.

Let's Talk Private Funds