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Intellectual Property Rights Services

Regardless of your industry or product, our legal team can handle every in-depth detail of intellectual property development, registration, and protection.

As connectivity expands throughout the world and information becomes so readily available, intellectual property (IP) protection importance is at an all-time high. Having worked with many businesses both large and small, the team at FinTech Law clearly understands the importance of your intellectual property defense and IP law. We use our years of in-depth analysis and expertise to ensure the safety and security of your brand and assets. FinTech will help you maintain and protect your business's ideas and property like it was our own.

Our Intellectual Property Legal Services Can Include

  • Filing and registration with U.S. Copyright & Trademark Offices

  • Identifying registrable works

  • Advising on licensing matters

  • Trademark auditing and due diligence

  • Enforceable branding assistance

  • ...much more!

Let's Talk IP
Intellectual property

Your ideas deserve protection. Your businesses deserve the ability to work well with your ideas. FinTech's intellectual property law services will make sure both happen. We're ready and able to help you maintain what's yours and get the absolute best from your ideas and the brains behind them. We've helped many businesses and individuals protect their assets and we're happy to help you protect yours.


The team at FinTech Law knows intellectual property law and what it takes to protect your ideas and businesses. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today to see how we can help.

Let's Talk IP