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FinTech Blog offers a range of resources about the latest developments in fintech, regtech, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and regulatory compliance.

Current state of DeFi and crypto

The Current State of DeFi and Crypto

Bo Howell - September 27, 2022
Keeping up with crypto

Keeping up with Crypto from a Recordkeeping Perspective

Michelle Morgan - July 12, 2022
FinTech Law Joot EQ partnership

Announcing a Derivatives Rule Board Solution

Bo Howell - June 21, 2022
FinTech Law Joot EQ Risk Management Consulting partnership

Announcing a Strategic Partnership That Offers Timely SEC Derivatives Rule Compliance

Bo Howell - June 14, 2022
Pros and cons of regtech

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Regtech

Bo Howell - April 26, 2022
Crypto clarity

Crypto Clarity and the Regulatory Path Forward

William Hortz - April 08, 2022
human and machine

How Regtech Will Impact the Legal Industry

Bo Howell - April 05, 2022

Regtech Rising

Bo Howell - March 29, 2022
Fintech and Regtech Banner

Fintech and Regtech: A Tale of Two Techs

Bo Howell - March 22, 2022